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On Safari : Day 1

This park was beautiful - and the lodge was fantastic. We arrived, dumped our stuff - and were greeted by this little red breasted bird - bright red.... I have no idea what type of bird it was - but he was cherry and welcoming.

5 minutes into our first Game Drive we came across a family of elephants - including the cute baby. They are all over this park - over 800 of them. And they don't have a care in the world for us humans... They just go about their business.

Then another few minutes down the road and someone in the jeep shouts "Lion!" Ranger goes over to investigate - and sure enough - male lion. A teenager, by all accounts (about 4 years old). Just sitting there under a tree. He then wandered over to get a drink... and then found a new tree to lie under. A fine way to spend a day.

Then we came across a lone wildebeest. Just grazing and hanging out - while an eagle watched from nearby...

Impala are everywhere in the bush. Nice enough animals, but not too exciting.... (which is a terrible thing to say)

Zebra's too - but they look much more fun. So very, very skittish... run away at the drop of a hat.

And then we saw the white rhino's. Big beasts. These are basically the only animals that are poached these days. A single rhino horn can reach almost $1 Million. It is a shame to kill these magnificent animals just for the horn - they leave the rest of the carcass. But these two were very much alive - and stared us down.

To end the night we watched a lone elephant come down to the watering hole to get a drink.

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