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On Safari : Day 2

This was a day of giraffes. Lots and lots of them. And they look even weirder when you see them in real life - almost alien like!!!!

And some elephants... they are always a big hit with the crowd in the jeep. some Impala... a warthog.... and some lions.....they had cubs with them, but couldn't get a good pic.

And my eagle in flight, with it's kill in it's talons.....

More giraffes. Lots and lots of them. We learned that the males all have bald spots on their "horns" - due to fighting.

And the Hornbill that used to come and join us for breakfast everyday.... and steal granola out of the bowl. Very entertaining...

Kudu, ostrich and zebra before more elephants (with babies), and a jackal!!

To end in a great african sunset!!!

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